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RESULTS....the only thing that matters.
The most important feature of an AFIS system is the ability to match prints.

This is what PrintQuest® does best. PrintQuest® is a proven low cost AFIS-APIS solution capable of importing and processing fingerprint and palmprint images from live scan devices, digital cameras, and scanners along with remote networked workstations. PrintQuest® is offered as a complete system allowing an agency to construct and manage a local database of known fingerprints and palm prints and use this database for automated searching of latent fingerprints and latent palm prints.

When we say “Identifications Confirmed” we don’t just mean “Hits.”
We mean those matches made by Print Quest and Confirmed by the Expert.

All PrintQuest systems arrive as a complete package including Dell computer hardware, a flat bed scanner for 500/1000 DPI, laser printer, CDRW/DVD combo drives, APC-UPS, LCD monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Installation and training is included. Pre-loading of your cards is also available.
During a search, PrintQuest® compares prints with 3 parameters; The minutiae points themselves, whether the point in question is a bifurcation or an end point; The relationship of each individual point to its neighbors in space (both direction and distance); And most importantly, the skeleton or ridge flow of the print. This is what provides exceptional results.

A User does not “initiate a search”. In PrintQuest®, the user enters information into the database. Once entered all of the applicable searches are carried out. The user need only view the results by accessing the candidate lists that are generated Searches are automatic events.

Most systems search and compare the minutiae points of prints however, PrintQuest includes the skeleton “in the search”. There are other systems that allow you to view the skeleton but, this is only to aid in the human placement of minutiae points.
In PrintQuest®, it is not necessary to place minutiae points, on any ten print image. PrintQuest features High Accuracy Auto-Extraction of centers, deltas, patterns, as well as minutiae points for unsurpassed user time savings on entry of prints. Auto-extraction allows PrintQuest to be useful by both the novice and expert alike.

PrintQuest® has a unique database structure. The database is dynamic, in such that every time a user adds information, that information immediately becomes part of the database and is involved in all future searches, automatically.

Working with palms in PrintQuest® is easy, fast, effective and highly accurate. PrintQuestR requires LESS work for the user, and saves time. A PrintQuest® user does not have to guess or analyze from what region of the palm a latent came from; the entire palm is searched every time, quickly and efficiently. PrintQuest® AFIS does not require any special palm training or comprehensive experience to enter, process, and successfully search palms. PrintQuestR does the hard work for you.
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