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The development of specialized interaction chamber was a consequence of  more than 17-year experimental work with LIBS technique.

Sci-Trace is a configurable LIBS setup designed to provide to the researchers maximum possibilities for their LIBS experiments.
Pull out of the trunk, activate and analyse. The in-field analysis – this is the purpose of the M-Trace.

The ability to perform an in-situ analysis is often a key precondition for testing the LIBS as a tool for real-world applications.
LIBS, a relatively young technique, has, thanks to its advantages, gradually become well-known in the expert community…

AtomAnalyzer is a software for the spectra processing. It brings new concept of spectra analysis, where each operation represented by so-called Node.

A core component of every LIBS system. 4 BNC outputs, USB or RS485, 10 ns time resolution. Built with high price to performance ratio.