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EASY-V 3220 & 3210 are the BET specific surface area and pore size analysis instruments developed independently by CIQTEK, using the static volumetric method.
The technology obtains several international certifications and reaches the world-class level. The EASY-V series products have been delivered to multiple universities and research institutions worldwide and are well-received by our users.
Embedded test computer, safe and stable. 10-inch capacitive touch screen, tablet control experience.
2 sample pipe joints and 1 P0 pipe joint per test module. P0 pipe can be used for specific surface area testing in a cost-effective manner.
The protective safety door can prevent safety accidents caused by accidental contact with low-temperature liquid nitrogen and eliminate the impact of environmental factors on the test.
Independent 2 sample processing ports can be performed simultaneously with sample testing to improve testing efficiency.
4L stainless steel inner Dewar bottle overcomes the fragile defect of glass Dewar bottle, and high thermal insulation ensures continuous test requirements for more than 72hrs.
The ball screw integrated lifting system, controlled by the stepper motor, overcomes the shortcomings of common screw types easy to jam, and so on.
Digital pressure measurement and data acquisition system
High vacuum stainless steel micro welding pipeline system
World-leading data accuracy and authority recognition
Intelligent testing software
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Petrochemical Industry
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Other Powder and Granular Materials
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