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EMGA-920 O/N analyzer: It's a "New flagship model” for O/N analyzers and user friendly product.
This is an oxygen and nitrogen elemental analyzer with high accuracy and repeatability suiting to cutting-edge technology’s R&D as well as quality control in the market of steel, new materials, catalyst and so on. This is a new generation model optimized to fit to user’s requests. The oxygen is measured as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide by a non-dispersive infrared detector and the nitrogen by a thermal conductivity detector.
Principle and Gas flow diagram The sample is placed in a graphite crucible and the crucible is maintained between the upper and the lower electrode of the impulse furnace. A high current power passes through the crucible to create a high temperature. The oxide in the sample reacts with the graphite crucible, and is extracted as carbon monoxide (CO), and carried together with the carrier gas. The extracted gas is directly analysed after the dust filter. According to the oxygen concentration, it is determined by CO or CO2 after pass throw oxidizer (Copper Oxide) with a non dispersive Infra-Red analyser (NDIR).
Wide range and high accuracy measurement *Range: Oxygen: 0-5%, Nitrogen: 0-3%, Hydrogen: 0-0.25% *Accuracy: σn-1≦0.3ppm or CV≦1.0% for STD sample σn-1≦0.02ppm or CV≦0.5% for Reference gas *Accuracy H: σn-1≦0.04ppm or RSD≦2.0% for Reference gas
Simple software allows easy handling. Extracted gas signals are displayed in real time numerically and also as curves together with temperature level. Graphs are saved automatically. In the measurement window, sample weight can be registered automatically. Results are saved in a data table for easy management.
Maintenance counter informs users at the timing of consumables replacement to keep high accuracy means. And as navigator describes the easy to understand procedure for the replacing parts, operator can do maintenance works with absolutely no experience and technical knowledge.
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