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EMGA-Expert: Advanced model for even higher accuracy and wider range analysis applications
Enhanced “measurement”, “accuracy” and “usability”
The characteristics and performance of metal and solid materials, including steel, various other metals, ceramics, and electronic materials, are determined by the amount of oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen. Analyzing elements in such materials at high accuracy and with a small amount has become increasingly important in the study and performance analysis of materials. The EMGA Series Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen Analyzers significantly reduces analysis time and costs while enhancing analysis accuracy and functionality. Pursuing also usability, the EMGA Series strongly supports improved efficiency in material research and development and quality control. EMGA-30E is not available in Americas, for additional information, please contact us.
The sample is placed in a graphite crucible and the crucible is maintained between the upper and the lower electrode of the impulse furnace. A high current power passes through the crucible to create a high temperature. The oxide in the sample reacts with the graphite crucible, and is extracted as carbon monoxide (CO), and carried together with the carrier gas. The extracted gas is directly analysed after the dust filter. According to the oxygen concentration, it is determined by CO or CO2 after pass throw oxidizer (Copper Oxide) with a non-dispersive infrared. The Hydrogen is determined with a non-dispersive infrared analyser as H2O after H2 passes through the oxidizer (Copper Oxide).
HORIBA provides our customers with full support, from analysis and maintenance to recovering from problems, by taking advantage of our know-how developed through long years of experience by their side. Smooth operation of the analyzers contributes to reducing working hours.
The EMGA Series has NDIR gas detectors developed, designed, and manufactured by HORIBA. Based on detailed design and sophisticated production technology, these detectors are manufactured with close attention to all processes, from the polishing and assembly of components to adjustment and confirmation of stable operation. Our thorough quality control provides stable and highly reliable measurement for an extended period with the EMGA Series. In addition, we have also developed the TCD detector in-house so that these analyzers can demonstrate the best performance.
In addition to the auto sampler, auto-cleaner, and automation systems for supplying crucibles that were developed to reflect the needs of customers, the fully automated analysis option reduces labor for analysis and realizes stable analysis. We also offer optional units according to various samples including a halogen trap unit.
Oxygen and Nitrogen determination in Boron Nitride
This application note will show the relevance of the EMGA-920 to measure high levels of nitrogen while simultaneously determininig low levels of Oxygen with good precision.

Oxygen and Nitrogen determination in Aluminium Nitride

This application note will show the relevance of the EMGA-920 to measure high level of Nitrogen while maintaining the needed precision for Oxygen determination in AIN.

Hydrogen Analysis in steel and metals: Solid Extraction or Fusion

EMGA has been designed for accurate measurements of hydrogen content in different sample types such as ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, semiconductors or electronic materials. The hydrogen content is extracted by fusion of the sample in inert gas and analyzed by a high sensitivity thermal conductivity detector.
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