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In addition to the “EMIA-Expert/Pro” series of high-frequency induction furnace type, the “EMIA-Step” of tubular electric resistance heating furnace type has been newly added to our Carbon/Sulfur Analyzers lineup. It realizes highly accurate and sensitive analysis, and its variable heating temperature function enables the quantitative analysis by separating it by temperature and condition as well as whole quantity analysis.
EMIA-Step provides good temperature stability from low to high temperatures. This broadens the application range to samples containing substances that are easily decomposed and burned at low temperatures. You can easily see the decomposition combustion of organic matter and inorganic matter respectively.
EMIA-Step adopted the proven dust-filter mechanism in the high frequency induction heating models. The filter unit collects the dust generated by combustion at high temperature. This prevents the dust from adhering to piping after the combustion furnace, and reduces adsorption of CO2 and SO2 gases by dust. This mechanism makes highly accurate and sensitive analyses possible.
Recommends the best measurement flow and analysis conditions based on our experience.
Pinpoints the location automatically, and notifies the operator with the recovery procedure when any fault occurs.
Quantitative analysis of carbon contained in bone substitute material
Can we accurately and quickly measure the amount of carbon contained in the material?

Analysis of Free Carbon in

Can free carbon in SiC be rapidly and conveniently quantified?

Measurement of Sulfur in

Sulfer is added in the natural rubber to produce plastic materials. However, it is important to measure the sulfer contained in the rubber to define the chemical and mechanical properties of the final product.
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