Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometer: GD Profiler 2TM

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Pulsed RF GD-OES is the ideal analytical companion tool for coated material studies, process elaboration and control as it offers ultra fast elemental depth profile analysis of thin and thick layers, conductive or isolating, with high sensitivity to all elements.
Electrodes of Li ion batteries are readily measured with the Pulsed RF GD-OES. Strategies for sample handling (including the Li bell for air sensitive materials) have been developed. The patented UFS assures that the sputtering is equally fast on positive and negative electrodes.
Pulsed RF GD-OES data allow following N and C profiles in depth, together with all other elements to control nitruration processes and are correlated to hardness testings.
Pulsed RF GD-OES is ideal for fast control of the active layersoftheLEDofferingthechanceforimmediatereaction in case of process drift.
The patented UFS allows for Ultra Fast Sputtering of polymeric layers offering enhanced signal/noise ratios and the ability to measure embedded layers below thick polymeric ones with excellent depth resolution. The example here shows a DVD featuring 6 layers in 100 nm below a 70 μm thick polymeric layer.
The excellent optical resolution of the instrument even allows simultaneous measurements of H, and its isotope Deuterium, which is of great interest for nuclear research. Pulsed RF GD-OES also measures solar cells, corroded surfaces, Ag-TiCN bioactive coatings, materials for H storage, laser surface treatments, alloys and compounds, oxides and nitrides, thin and thick films etc.
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