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Floating Sample Presentation
The ultrasonic levitator is ideally suited for a large number of material science experiments in which small samples or sample quantities have to be positioned precisely. Measurements can be conducted – as they are performed in a touchless manner – without interference from a contact surface.
25 Years of Experience in Acoustic Levitation
The acoustic levitation principle allows for the precise positioning of liquid and solid samples in the nodes of a standing ultrasonic wave. Hence, experiments and applications in various scientific disciplines become available, as influences of interfering contact surfaces are avoided.
The compact design of the tec5 ultrasonic levitator offers a variety of unique features :
Fault-Free Analysis of Liquids and Solids
Applications in highly regulated sectors such as e.g., pharmaceutical or food production, dedicated solutions according to current norms and guidelines are available. Optionally, all systems can be equipped with high-speed electronic kits, reaching measuring rates up to 15,000 spectra per second, and thus covering time critical applications.
The Levitator is ideally suited for non-contact analysis of even smallest sample quantities. Specimen are floated in a controlled manner and can thus be analyzed without any interference.
Typical examples of applications are crystallization experiments on individual particles or droplets.
The ability to analyze in controlled gas atmospheres also provides for the investigation of surface tensions or phase transitions.
The Levitator has also opened up many areas of application in industry-related research and development, for example in the development of spray drying processes in the food industry.
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