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Laser Scattering Particle Size Distribution Analyzer
HORIBA proudly introduces the newest breakthrough in particle size technology. This latest evolution in the LA series advances scientific knowledge for tomorrow’s world through intuitive software, unique accessories, and high performance. The LA-960V2 continues HORIBA’s proud tradition of leading the industry with innovative design.
HORIBA’s groundbreaking optical design perfects the static light scattering particle sizing technique.
The number of detectors, angular range, and layout each contribute to overall system performance.
The LA-960V2 is designed and built to provide the same experience regardless of manufacture date, operator skill, or geographic location. Achieve unmatched instrument agreement without the hassle of correlation.
Always make perfect measurements with computer-controlled laser alignment. The alignment process is finished in only a few seconds with HORIBA’s innovative approach.
The LA-960V2 is a highly refined particle size analyzer capable of accurately measuring NIST-traceable size standards within 0.6% of specification. Fully compliant with ISO 13320 recommendations regarding the measurement of materials on the D10, D50, and D90.
State of the Art Sampling Systems
Sample-to-sample analysis in less than 60 seconds
The HORIBA LA-960V2 wet circulation system is an easy, fast and very powerful dispersion system. The standard wet system offers a full package of a dispersant fill pump, liquid level sensor, circulation pump, 30 W in-line ultrasonic probe, and drain valve, which is all software-controlled for true one-button operation. This advanced design provides highly reproducible particle size results.
This function allows for very precious materials to be measured accurately. When the sample amount is limited or low flow ability, the Trigger functions perfectly to start and stop the measurement.
Automated, powerful dry-powder dispersion
The LA-960V2 PowderJet combines several unique and patented features to provide the most reproducible dry measurements. Use the Auto Measurement function to control vacuum, air pressure, powder flow, start/stop conditions, measurement duration, and data processing. Designed to handle every application including small sample amounts, friable powders, and highly agglomerated materials.
Historically, the biggest challenge in dry powder measurement involved establishing an even powder flow. The LA-960V2 PowderJet has solved that challenge with a self-adjusting feedback loop to maintain a constant laser transmittance. This is a crucial factor in creating reliable, reproducible dry powder size measurements.

Laser scattering particle size distribution analyzer Model: LA-960V2

Maximizing Soy Milk Quality Attributes through Particle Size Analysis
In this note, the final result of soy milk processing is evaluated with particle size analysis. Particle size results give a quantitative measure of the soy milk that can be used to ensure consistent production and product quality.

Particle Analysis of Mayonnaise

This application note reviews the important role that particle size plays in the formation of mayonnaise and mayo products and how changes affect the taste and consistency of these alternatives.

Material Characterization of the Next Generation Sugar Substitutes

This study focuses on the critical particle diameter of dry sugar granules as particle diameter is an indicator of: Flowability, Dissolution and mixing, and Powder uniformity.
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