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Process Spectroscopy from 190 nm
The tec5 UV systems offer fast and reliable measurements starting from 190 nm. The modular system platform enables multiple integration options for easy and efficient handling of various measurement tasks in research and production applications. Due to the system’s dedicated design for industrial processes, even applications in harsh environments are possible without any difficulties, including simple and safe connection to process control systems utilizing common interface concepts established on the market. Suitable components (spectral sensors, electronics) are available for system integrators and OEM partners as well.
The modular system concept offers flexible solutions for a variety of measurement tasks. In addition to standardized systems, proven components like spectral sensors or electronics are available for integration on an OEM basis.
An essential part is dedicated to measuring heads and probes suited for different sample presentations. Thus, analyses with large stand-off distances, such as goods on conveyor belts, can be realized as well as analyses requiring direct contact with the measured goods, as e.g., in pipelines or chutes. Immersion probes or flow cells are available for the analysis of liquids, pasty media, and other fluids.
For system control and data processing, we offer state-of-the-art software packages that optionally include chemometric data for smooth and stable process flow.
Analog or digital interfaces, including various bus systems, enable safe and straightforward integration into process control systems.
Versatile System Standards
Sensors and Spectral Ranges
Process integration
Options and Accessoires
Lean Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications
Applications in highly regulated sectors such as e.g., pharmaceutical or food production, dedicated solutions according to current norms and guidelines are available. Optionally, all systems can be equipped with high-speed electronic kits, reaching measuring rates up to 15,000 spectra per second, and thus covering time critical applications.
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