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The characteristics and performance of metal and solid materials, including steel, various other metals, ceramics, and electronic materials, are determined by the amount of oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen they contain. Analyzing elements in such materials at high accuracy and with a small amount of sample has become increasingly important in the study and performance analysis of materials. The EMGA Series Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen Analyzers significantly reduces analysis time and costs while enhancing analysis accuracy and functionality. The EMGA Series also strongly supports improved efficiency in material research and development and quality control.
Measurement speed
HORIBA’s proprietary algorithm and gas flow optimization reduce the conventional analysis time by 40%
HORIBA’s proprietary advanced technology enables analysis at a wide range measurement from ppm to % and with high accuracy
The lower side electrodes with a new design for replacement and the newly adopted dust filter reduce man-hours. They also contribute to the reduction of gas consumption by 40%*
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