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CIQTEK SEM5000 is a high-resolution, feature-rich field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM, FEG SEM). Advanced column design, high voltage tunneling technology (SuperTunnel), low aberration non-leakage magnetic objective lens design, to achieve low-voltage high-resolution imaging, while magnetic samples can be applied. Optical navigation, advanced automatic functions, well-designed human-machine interaction, and optimized operation. Whether experienced or not, one can quickly get started with high-resolution shooting tasks.
Key Parameters Resolution 1.0 nm @ 15 kV, SE 1.5 nm @ 1 kV, SE0.8 nm @ 30 kV, STEM
Acceleration voltage 20 V ~ 30 kV
Magnification 1 ~ 2,500,000 x
Electron Gun High brightness Schottky Field Emission Electron Gun
Sample Chamber Vacuum System Fully automatic control, oil-free vacuum system
Camera Dual Cameras (Optical navigation + in-bin monitor)
Distance X: 120 mm, Y: 115 mm, Z: 50 mm T: -10°~ +90°, R: 360° (*Optional extra-large bin version available)
Detectors and Extensions Standard The high-angle electronic detector in the lens column The side low-angle electronic detector
Optional Flush-mounted mid-angle backscattered electron detector Automatic retractable scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) detector Sample exchange chamber High-speed beam gate and electron beam exposure Energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS/EDX) Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) Electron-beam-induced current (EBIC) Cathodoluminescence (CL) High and low temperature in-situ stretching table nanoManipulator Large-Scale Image StitchingTrackball & Knob Control Panel
Software Operating System Windows
Navigation Optical Navigation, Gesture Quick Navigation
Automatic Functions Auto Brightness Contrast, Auto Focus, Automatic Dissipation
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