Total Halogen / Chlorine analyzer
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HELIOS CL, chlorine analyzer, allows you to measure total chlorine (and other halogens) by argentimetric coulometry.

Its dosing capacity extends from traces (< 0.5 ppm) to basic elemental chlorine (> 80%). In addition to accessories for measuring EOX and POX, we offer complete equipment for the determination of AOX by stirring and adsorption.
Chlorine and AOX analyzer according to ASTM D4929, ASTM D5194, ISO 9562…
This chlorine analyzer has two ovens, and thus ensures complete combustion of your samples. The F1 oven constitutes a real microreactor, allowing great flexibility of use. It allows you to program controlled pyrolysis and combustion of your samples through temperature sequences. Thanks to this technology, you will no longer generate unburned products, whatever the nature of the sample and the position of the oven (vertical or horizontal).
Measurement of total chlorine in petroleum products, gas, LPG, organic substances, water, waste, sediments, liquid, oil, biofuel, lubricating oil, solvent, plastic, chlorinated PVC, paper pulp, coal, tar, cement, soils, palm oil, solid samples etc. Measurement of AOX, POX, EOX
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