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Spectrometers have unique ability to excite elements present in materials. When ionised elements return to a stable state their emission energy levels are signatures of specific elements.
Through complex, iterative calculations the on-board computer provides a complete elemental analysis of the sample and displays it to the user. All of this is done in few seconds, with accurate results stored locally on the computer in a test report.
XGM-500 Spectrometer is an easy to use, cost effective system to obtain elemental composition with non-destructive testing. An exclusive software feature helps to identify the material and its composition.
Features and Benefits
Operation is simple and straightforward. An object is placed directly on the analysis window. The chamber door is closed and the operator presses “Start” to acquire results. A digital image of the object can be stored and/or sent along with the analytical results directly to a printer in report format
Our Services
Our network of service hub offers a full range of technical support to keep the system up and running.
 Technical Specifications
Detector Fast Silicon Drift Detector
Detectable Concentration ppm – 100%
X-Ray Tube anode W
X-Ray Source 50kV, 50W
Excitation Type Direct
Resolution 165eV @ MnKα 5.9keV.
Dimensions 560 mm x 430 mm x 320 mm
Weight 35 kg
Camera Video system to display sample image
Software User friendly software
Evaluation System External computer
Power Supply Operating voltage 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz
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