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The CIQTEK SEM2000 is a basic and versatile analytical tungsten filament scanning electron microscope with 20 kV resolution up to 3.9 nm and support for upgrading to 30 kV, allowing observation of microstructural information of sub-microscale samples.
It has a larger range of motion than a desktop / benchtop SEM and is suitable for rapid screening of samples, and has more expansion interfaces for BSED, EDS/EDX, and other accessories to enable a wider range of applications.
Optical Navigation
One-Click Imaging
Working Distance

Microstructure of endosperm starch granules of new rice
Acceleration voltage: 10 kV / Magnification: ×5000

Acceleration voltage: 1 kV / Magnification: ×2000

Fiber cross-section
Acceleration voltage: 7 kV / Magnification: ×1000

Polymer lens arrays Acceleration voltage: 15 kV / Magnification: ×200

Electro-Optical Systems Electron Gun Pre-aligned medium-sized fork-type tungsten filament
Resolution 3.9 nm @ 20 kV (SE)
4.5 nm @ 20 kV (BSE)
Magnification 1 x~300,000 x
Acceleration Voltage 0.5 kV ~ 20 kV
Imaging Systems Detector Secondary Electron Detector (ETD)
*Backscattered electron detector (BSED), *energy spectrometer EDS, etc.
Image Format TIFF, JPG, BMP, PNG
Vacuum System High Vacuum Better than 5×10-4 Pa
Control Mode Fully automated control system
Pumps Mechanical Pump ×1, Molecular Pump ×1
Sample Chamber Camera Optical Navigation
Sample Table Two-axis automatic
Distance X: 100 mm
Y: 100 mm
Software Operating System Windows
Navigations Optical Navigation, Gesture Quick Navigation
Automatic Functions Auto Brightness Contrast, Auto Focus, Automatic Dissipation
Special Functions Intelligent Assisted Dispersion, *Large-Scale Image Stitching (Optional accessories)
Installation Requirements Space L ≥ 3000 mm, W ≥ 4000 mm, H ≥ 2300 mm
Temperature 20°C (68°F) ~ 25°C (77°F)
Humidity ≤ 50 %
Power Supply AC 220 V(±10 %), 50 Hz, 2 kVA
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