Test Units for Process Intensification
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These Catalytic Test Units (CTUs) can be used for many specialty chemical processes, fine chemical and pharmaceutical chemistries, such as: hydrogenation, amination and dehydrochlorination. When used with Applied Catalysts activated carbon monolith catalysts (ACMC®), in addition to process intensification (high productivity), the advantages include: higher selectivity, better thermal management, and low pressure drop/low attrition. Three reactors systems have been designed for catalyst screening. The single catalyst testing unit, the multiple catalyst testing unit, and the catalyst lifetime/recycle reactor testing unit. The CTU systems feature gas phase uptake measurements and differential temperature measurements, which can be used as a first level screen of catalytic activity for hydrogenation and other chemistries where gas phase products are consumed.
Single Station Test Unit
A single catalyst can be tested in a 1.3 cm i.d. tube with 8 cm bed length, with liquid flow rates of 4 mL/min, temperatures of ambient to 250 ºC, and pressures of ambient to 100 bar.
Screening Reactor
A four reactor version of the Catalyst Screening reactor that allows for higher through-put screening.
Lifetime Reactor
A single catalyst can be tested in a 2.7 cm diameter tube with 30 cm bed length, with liquid recycle to simulate longer bed lengths at typical LHSV, P, T and with the capability to run 24/7 for lifetime studies. Liquid flow rates of 51 mL/min, temperatures of ambient to 250 °C, and pressures of ambient to 100 bar.
Flow, temperature, and pressure readings are all displayed and recorded on custom software with easy interface to a third-party trending/data program.
Safety features include:
Advanced features for high pressure, liquid level sensing, and recycle can be designed on a custom basis.
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