LIBS X-Trace
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The ability to perform an in-situ analysis is often a key precondition for testing the LIBS as a tool for real-world applications. Principles of the LIBS enable the use of this technique out-of the lab. We have designed and built a mobile LIBS laboratory – the computer controlled modular device that is equipped with the laboratory-grade instrumentation and that is able to perform LIBS analysis in-situ remotely at a distance of up to and over 20 m.
Compact dimensions with the equipment at top-class lab-grade LIBS setup levels.
Possibility of remote analysis – difficult to reach objects or hazardous environments, direct visibility of the sample being the only requirement.
Device composed of a few modules which can be reconfigured based on present requirements and also dismantled for easy transport.
Motorized and automated focusing on the sample, high-performance pulse laser, wide range echelle spectrometer, fast and sensitive EMCCD detector, etc.
Wireless control through a laptop or tablet with an enlarged view of the sample.
LIBS X-Trace
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