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Intended to meet the specific needs of oil refineries, this nitrogen analyzer was developed in collaboration with the TOTAL Research Center. This participation of the end user in its design allows it to justify a high level of performance, robustness and ease of use.
The functions of the elemental nitrogen analyzer :
• Automatic and rapid measurement of very low nitrogen contents in petroleum products, up to 30 ppb (under certain conditions of use, the performances obtained can be significantly higher than those announced).
• Dosage of high nitrogen concentrations, up to 10% in all types of samples (solid, liquid, gas).
Nitrogen analyzer by Chemiluminescence, according to ASTM D4629, ASTM D6069…
It can be associated with the injector or the liquid sample changer, or the Gas / LPG sampler, to automate your operations and save time.
Measurement of nitrogen in petroleum products, gas, LPG, organic substances, Plastics, etc.
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