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Detect Latent Prints
The two primary RUVIS applications are the detection and capture of untreated prints on most non-porous surfaces, and cyanoacrylate (CA) fumed prints. Print collection can be performed on surfaces such as plastic bags, sticky sides of tape, glossy magazines, photographs, linoleum tile, compact disks, credit cards, etc. Cyanoacrylate treatment will further enhance the detection by RUVIS.
Smooth, Non-Porous Surfaces
The SceneScope RUVIS UHD Camera allows the detection of latent prints, prior to treatment. This is possible on surfaces that reflect light very well and do not absorb prints. That is to say, surfaces that are smooth and non-porous. Untreated prints with residual moisture show as white reflective ridges on a black background. Untreated oily prints appear as strong, black ridges on a shiny background. As surfaces become more rough or more porous, “superglueing” the print may extend the range of surfaces on which RUVIS will work.
Capture High Resolution Images
SceneScope RUVIS UHD devices use 254nm UV light but they are not detecting fluorescence. Instead the devices looks for the reflections and scatter of the 254nm light off of the fingerprint ridges. The 16MP Ultra High Definition Camera is capable of capturing high resolution images at 254nm that can be enlarged to visualize all levels of detail. The camera can capture a full palm image that contains all the information necessary to “zoom in” and see individual minutiae points.
Components and Specifcation
System Includes
Camera Specifications
Included Software:
Capture Software specifically designed for RUVIS UHD/UIS camera provides quick, user friendly, user defined presets for:>br> Screening, Focusing, and Capturing high resolution images.
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