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Raman Systems for Industrial Use
Raman spectroscopy is a element specific non-contact analysis technique. It is widely used for the classification and quantification of a variety of substances and materials. Meanwhile, this versatile and selective method has established itself as an essential standard method in the industrial environment, making various process analytical applications easily accessible.

Some benefits of Raman-spectroscopy:
  • High substance-specific selectivity
  • Analysis of organic and inorganic materials
  • Non-destructive
  • No sample preparation
  • No interferences by water, e.g., in aqueous solutions
  • Applicable on solids and liquids
The system concept allows for application-specific solutions by convenient and easy configuration.
For different optical and mechanical process implementations a selection of various Raman probes is available.
Also, dedicated versions for applications with special requirements such as food or pharmaceutical production processes are part of the standard portfolio.
Type-approved laser modules with EX certificate enable simple and safe operation in gas- or dust-explosive environments.
Furthermore, we offer close collaborations based on OEM components or systems supply, including private labeling.
Easy Configuration
Optical System and Laser Source :
Process Integration :
Options and Accessories
Powerful in Process Applications
Raman-spectroscopy generates very characteristic spectra, which are due to substance-specific molecular vibrations – the so-called “molecular fingerprint.”
Applications of Raman spectroscopy are well-established, e.g., pharmaceutical production, biotechnology, food and agricultural industries, or petrochemistry.
Typical applications for qualitative analyses are the inspection of raw materials in incoming goods inspection and applications in areas where e.g., unknown or critical substances need to be identified.
Quantitative analyses utilizing Raman spectroscopy are of increasing importance in the manufacturing industry for online or inline process control. The specificity of spectra, in conjunction with standard chemometric methods, enables selected monitoring, control, and optimization of numerous production processes.
For safe operation, all installations can be executed according to laser class 1. Intrinsically safe variants with ATEX type certification enable uncomplicated to use in hazardous areas.
Raman spectroscopy reveals undreamt-of application possibilities – for your process as well as in the laboratory.
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