Merlin4 Spectometer
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The MERLIN 4 is a mid-range CMOS spectrometer available as a dedicated single-base unit as well as a versatile multi-base system. It is well suited for the metal production and inspection & contract lab and marine industries and perfectly suited for the metal processing industry. It is available in 2 models: the MERLIN 4 Ultra and MERLIN 4 Visible. The MERLIN 4 Ultra covers a range of 175-521 nm and the MERLIN 4 Visible: 201-521 nm. Most calibration elements are covered.
Quality Control and Assurance are essential to making your business successful. The MERLIN 4 is the ideal companion for incoming material, in-process testing and final quality inspection.
The plates’ corrosion resistant surface and heat dissipation composition ensures 24 hours of un-interrupted and stable analysis.
In the event of mis-operation, work can be stopped immediately to ensure the safety of personnel and the instrumet.
The sealed environment of the MERLIN 4 optical system maintains constant pressure and temperature settings and is self-purified. This means no argon gas is consumed. The purifier absorbs both H2O and O2. The H2O does not require replacing.
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